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Call me Beck.
INFP, melancholic.
They/them pronouns.

You're going to have to forgive the excessive Destiel, feminism, swearing, and amusement with strange things.

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Posts tagged dog

May 7 '13



Meet Naki’o.

Naki’o is a mixed-breed dog with four prosthetic leg devices. Naki’o lost all four feet to frostbite when he was abandoned as a puppy in a foreclosed home.

He now lives in Colorado Springs, happily. 

Photos: REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Dogs laugh at adversity. Give them some wheels or robot legs and they are back to chasing cars in no time. 

Jan 21 '13

My dog has a new squeaky toy, and it’s so loud that she squeaked it and scared herself.

If only I had caught it on tape. Damn.

Jan 20 '13

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Oct 29 '12

Things my dog thinks are okay:

  • Sleeping in the centre of my bed.
  • Waking up, only to start puking.
  • Walking up to my drawing that took 12 hours and attempting to be sick on it.
  • Leaving my room momentarily, only to come back and lay down like nothing happened.
Oct 29 '12


oh my god.




oh my god.


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Sep 28 '12

I keep sneezing and scaring the shit out of my dog. Poor thing. She just wants to sleep on my cosy blankets. 

Sep 17 '12

I think my dog just threw herself onto the ground in a fit of pique or something because she very nearly faceplanted and now she’s just whining. 

Sep 3 '12

My dog is a manipulative bitch.

I kicked her out of my room for being irritating, and so a little while later I figured she must’ve calmed down by now, so I open the door. And sure enough, there she is, laying on the floor mat outside my door. So I’m like, “You cool, now? Wanna come in and hang out?”

But then she gets up all slow. And she’s shaking. And she’s barely lifting her head. And she’s acting SICK.

So I start freaking out and petting her and making sure she’s okay. At this point, I’m convinced that a snake snuck into the house and attacked her but she didn’t make any noise because that’s how she is, and now she’s just—it was—I was fairly certain it was a bad situation.

But then I thought, “No, I would’ve heard her if something had gone wrong.”

So I went, “Hmm. Okay. Do you…have to go outside?”

And her eyes suddenly sparkle and she looks at me all innocently, and she sort of stiffens. Like she’s trying to contain her excitement. 

I ask again if she wants to go outside and she fucking jumps out of my arms and starts spinning around like a goddamn top or something.

So basically what she did? (and she totally fucking planned this out)

  • Lay in front of her door until she feels guilty and lets me back in.
  • When she opens the door, pretend to be sick.
  • Pretending to be sick will make her feel REALLY guilty and worried.
  • And also she’ll give me a lot of attention. Like sitting on the floor and cooing over me and petting me and stuff.
  • Eventually when she gets it, she’ll let me outside.
  • She’ll be mad enough that I can stay out for a while.
  • But still guilty enough to give me extra water and lay my blankets back on my end of the bed so I no longer fall down the side of the mattress.


Jul 4 '12

Things my dog does when I don’t pay enough attention to her

  • Stares
  • Jumps at me/claws at my legs
  • Snoops in places she’s not allowed 
  • Digs in the floor/furniture/blankets
  • Finds the most inappropriate spot on my bed to lay down
  • Growls
  • Chews tissues
May 14 '12

My dog is a bitch.
In the literal sense, yes, she’s female. And also of the poodle persuasion.

But I mean she’s cruel and inconsiderate and generally likes to make me suffer.

Recently? It’s been rolling around in pollen, dragging it in the house, and then laying in my bed and refusing to move. Like right now. Up by my pillows. And she WON’T MOVE. Covered in pollen and I just—
What does she think I’ve been emptying tissue boxes all day for? FUN?! No, you stupid creature! Thanks to you (and Arizona, really, just in general, for its goddamned weather, which I’ll blame on everyone else) and all of the pollen you bring in and carry about, I’m SICK. With another damned ALLERGY COLD.
Allergy cold: A virus brought on by excessively ridiculous allergic reactions to EVERYTHING. These reactions eventually reach a point where they top out and plateau, making it feel like a real virus. Or, alternately, they get so bad and make me so congested, that I become so susceptible to actual viruses, that ten take over my body all at once. In one go. In one fucking day.

I get sick at THE most inconvenient times. If there’s anything I can count on, it’s this.
It’s not even stress or lack of vitamins that’s made me sick this time! Well, actually, it definitely could have something to do with that. Being injured and not able to exercise as much as I would’ve liked. And stress making me do things…and I just…
Fuck. Okay. So it’s not all her fault. Whatever.
I’m still going to try my best to throw her to the end of the bed.


Mar 19 '12

Typical Sunday night in my house:

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Mar 17 '12

Just sneezed and woke my dog up again.
She irritates me constantly, hogs the bed, whines all the time, bothers my allergies—and yet I feel awful for sneezing (something I can’t exactly control) and waking her up.
You’d think after all this time she’d be able to sleep through it.
She certainly sleeps through my kicking her to get her down to the end of the bed. Or maybe she’s just faking when I do that. -.-