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Call me Beck.
INFP, melancholic.
They/them pronouns.

You're going to have to forgive the excessive Destiel, feminism, swearing, and amusement with strange things.

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Mar 31 '14



straight people saying faggot and whining about how it’s ok to say it because all it means is “a bundle of sticks” yea ok shut the fuck up

a.) this type of excuse should only work if you are british and are using the word “fag” as harmless slang for a cigarette

b.) nobody actually uses the “bundle of sticks” meaning anymore

c.) the slur came about because said bundles of sticks were used to fucking burn people alive

d.) even if the “bundle of sticks” excuse got you out of using a slur it would still imply that you intended to burn some one alive

conclusion: if you do this then you cannot back out of this one you witless sack of molding shit
unless you give a heartfelt apology acknowledging it was wrong and you never actually use it again

Feb 16 '13
Feb 6 '13


Occasionally people make the mistake of asking me where a word comes from. They never make this mistake twice… A chap once asked me where the word biscuit came from. He was eating one at the time and had been struck by curiosity.

I explained to him that a biscuit is cooked twice, or in French bi-cuit, and he thanked me for that. So I added that the bi in biscuit is the same bi that you get in bicycle and bisexual, to which he nodded. And then, just because it occurred to me, I told him that the word bisexual wasn’t invented until the 1890s and that it was coined by a psychiatrist called Richard von Krafft-Ebing and did he know that Ebing also invented the word masochism?

He told me firmly that he didn’t.

Did he know about Mr. Masoch, after whom masochism was named? He was a novelist and…

The fellow told me that he didn’t know about Mr. Masoch, that he didn’t want to know about Mr. Masoch, and that his one ambition in life was to eat his biscuit in peace.

(from The Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth)


(Source: capanazcabarsavi)

Sep 16 '12